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C. J. Dennis is renowned as an Aussie bush poet, whose verses capture the spirit, humor, and camaraderie of Australian life in a way few others have managed.

C. J., known as 'Den' to his mates, was born on September 7, 1876, in Auburn, South Australia. His real name was Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis, quite a mouthful, which probably explains why he went for something a bit snappier!

His love for writing came about early, and by 19, he was already a journalist, writing under the pen name 'The Best of the Six.' Dennis was no desk-bound scribbler, though. He took to the open road, traveling across Victoria and New South Wales, soaking up the vibrant life and culture of the Australian bush. These experiences deeply influenced his work, infusing it with a distinct Aussie flavor.

Dennis's most celebrated work is "The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke" (1915). This humorous and tender verse novel chronicles the life and loves of Bill, a city larrikin turned bush poet. Bill's charmingly imperfect speech, his robust humor, and his heartfelt emotions made him an instant hit with readers, and the book became a bestseller. 'Den' had a knack for capturing the Aussie spirit in a way that was both authentic and endearing.

Besides Bill, Dennis also created other memorable characters like Ginger Mick and Doreen. These characters, drawn from everyday life, were full of warmth, wit, and a healthy dose of larrikin mischief. They made readers laugh, made them cry, and most importantly, made them see their own lives reflected in the lines of his poetry.

In his personal life, Dennis was just as colorful and endearing as his characters. He had a cheerful disposition and a strong sense of community spirit. In 1917, he married the love of his life, Margaret Herron, and together they built a home in Toolangi, Victoria, which they fondly named 'Sunnyside'.

So let's pour one out to C. J. Dennis, the 'laughing larrikin' of Australian literature, whose bush poems continue to echo with the spirit, humor, and humanity of Australia. Through his work, 'Den' invites us to share a laugh, shed a tear, and most of all, to celebrate the joy and resilience of the Australian spirit.


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