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At present, collects no personally identifying information from any of our visitors. Our server collects IP addresses in order to track and monitor traffic to the website. This information is used for the purposes of analyzing the site's popularity, for tracking referring websites and for diagnosing errors when they occur.

We do, however, collect some infomation from those users who submit their poetry to us for publication. This information remains private except where the visitor explicitly states that it may be shared (ie name, biography, contact details, etc). None of this information is sold or leased to any third-parties.

In the near future, we will be introducing a selection of interactive services to the site that will require registration (such as forums, newsletters, etc). Each of these services will be opt-in, and the information collected will be used only for reasonable administrative purposes, such as delivering newsletters or otherwise communicating with members. The information will not be used for sending unsolicited email, and will not be sold, leased or traded with any other company or individual.

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