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The Wedding

Nanette Donney

At the altar stands the groom
down the aisle trips the bride
Face down, eating carpet
her embaressment hard to hide.
She gets up hastily and smiles
and in return, gets a few
She glances furtively at the future in laws
who are squashed upon a pew.
The new father in law wasnt there
he's in jail, doin' time
Her future mother in law glared
as her voice began to whine.
The future brother in law
ogled her with lust
The future sister in law
loudly criticized her bust.
A hush fell upon those gathered
when the bikie entered the church
He took the bride by the hand
leaving the groom in the lurch.
The bride didnt know the man
but she let him lead her away
The groom and in laws barely a memory
on her wedding day.

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