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Soul Mates' Journey

Michael Levy

As I roam on my journey through space and time,
On a sea of music my joy does climb,
And sails through clouds in floating rhyme,
My endless serenity sways, in forests of golden pine.

A mist of peace swirls below and above,
Surrounded by contentment, embraced in love,
Against a vision of beauty, my ecstatic feelings rub,
And soar around the universe as a heavenly dove.

Starlight candles light my soul mate's path,
A pure white landscape colored by an angelic laugh,
As the senses blaze, stroked by Spirits Staff,
We find tranquility soaking in the cosmic bath.

Powdered in aromas of mystic perfume,
Invisible flowers bloom, for touch to consume,
Treasures piled high in an infinite room,
Celestial Soul Mates dine on a harvest moon

Eternity toasts the bride and groom.

© August 2000 Michael Levy.

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