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Rusty Knight

Nanette Donney

My rusty knight is back in town
he rides upon his mule
Armour clanking, plumes amiss
looking very cool.
He yells loudly
and waves his plank above his head
His mule charges, then stumbles
and falls to the ground dead.
He picks himself up
and has a look around
Shakes his head in disgust
there's not a pub to be found.
He turns towards the sun
his face is in a frown
With squinted eyes he declares
"this aint my kinda town"
"Theres no KFC, Macca's
or even a Pizza Hut.
What's a knight to do for food
when he's got an empty gut."
His tummy rumbles loudly
his armour falls to the ground
I stare in shock at his head
where a few hairs are found.
I laughed at him and I saw
a cheeky dimpled smile
On the face of a man in underwear
with armour in a pile.

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