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Ellie Sheehan

Looking above
Searching for our dreams
Raimy Iíve lost you
You were the hope in me,
All thatís left is me,
An empty, hopeless body
The trust lies alone.


Raimy why didnít you believe in me?
What was so wrong?
Iím the one that didnít do any right...
Raimy why did you put an end to it?
I want to stop the pain
The grieving for you


Stop breathing.
To be black
Cast me out
Blind me
Cease the sound
Let me taste death between my tongue,
The lips that kissed you.


Pain runs out of me
Dipping toward a direction
Defacing another life
You held me here
The hands that touched me


I keep reaching towards you
Fruitless efforts to form together
Make it all worthwhile
Iím still pain stricken;
Iím dying here
In and out I breathe
Let me gasp for air
The air you graced


Show me the light
White clouds soaring
No worries
No time
Life was non-existent
Alone with you...


If I could throw my life away
I would see you again
Standing by the gate
Embracing you again
At least saying goodbye


We would run free
Naked in a pool of thoughts
Finally weíd be alone.
Constant sea of confidence
Drown us away in the distance
Raimy wash your scars into the sun set
The scars are reality.


Raimy you used a cover
Dry bitter sorrow
FaÁade of happiness
Wasnít transparent
Why didnít you let me see?
Now itís all too late


I wish I lived in a well
That sheds no light
Surrounding me with my life,
Reminding me
To build up and beyond,
My own life
This life without you


I inflict this pain
Deep down within the veins
Take it away
Stop the breathing
Stop the pain


Nothing can be healed
Nothing can be done
Nothing is revealed
Release me,
Raimy youíre gone.


© Copyright 2000 Ellie Sheehan

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