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Out of Date

Joshua Smith

Twice passed three zeroes, twenty-one welcomed with a bang.
An age of bits and freedom, strikes down its wicked fang.
Foreseen in hindsight, this child’s passage till it rang,
Against the moonlight turning.

Without a date, the world sought safety from staling winds,
Which struck the boy’s heart equally, stood up he lay pinned.
His date of a different kind, fueled thoughts full of sins.
For she who had him yearning.

Stood up by time’s collapse and by the love of his life,
He tallied astral flickers, his watch proved none but strife.
And in his fallen grace, our hero unsheathed a knife,
And bled his cold heart burning.

Out of time, out of date, his saviors came once too late,
To find the poet bleeding from love, his demon’s bait.
And learn we from this mourning’s warning of love turned hate,
Or failed his life-long journey?


© Copyright March 1999 Joshua Smith

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