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The Light of Life

Sam Davies

There the room sits, plagued by darkness, silent.
No colour, no sound, no character, a dead weight.
Its core, its heart, swamped by nothing. No air to breathe.
The room struggles to exist, confused and dark.
How long has it been? How long has that room sat there, dead
Without any light, the room is just, another room.
Four walls, a ceiling, a floor. An empty space, a vacuum of life.

In another place a light turns on, a new light, a new life.
The light beams, flashes around, searching.
It seeks a space to glow in, flashing, radiating, it is lost.
From space to space, the light is not fulfilled.
Subconsciously it finds its space, though the conscious path is hazy.
Itís glow flashes past dark windows, so close, so warm.

Inside, the room feels something, it sings a gladdened song,
It wants something more, the darkness hurts.
Cold, silent, it craves the light; it feels its presence.
It is so close, but the concrete holds the room in place,
It canít obtain what it craves. It is weak from struggle.
Screaming out, unanswered cryís, the light dances outside.
Itís warmth touches the outer limits, its walls.
The room knows this is its missing link. The light is its life
So close to itís heaven, it cries out again and again.

Outside the light moves away momentarily,
Subdued by a space much smaller, less pure.
Within itís glow it feels something's missing.
In the distance, it sees another light, dull in contrast, gloomy.

The room cries as the strong, warm light leaves.
It feels the new fainter light, not as warm, or as heavenly.
However, it feels such darkness such cold. The light as gloomy as it is,
Looks warm in the somber eyes of the room.

The strong light feels a painful surge,
It had been so close to its own nirvana.
Now this small gloomy excuse for a light,
Is beaming down, on the space once looked over.
For a split second, the dull light exposes the room.
How could it have missed it, it was just there, waiting.

The room now perplexed watches.
The strong light vacates the smaller space.
ng, unearthed in a small dark room,
Kept breathing by the beauty and soul of a small radiant light.


© Copyright 2000 Sam Davies

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