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Breaking the Silence

Sudheera Kuruppu

Break the silence my heart chokes inside
Premonitions of terrible anguish cradling my mind
pleasure meets pain at this thin red line
to see you there is like heaven to my eyes
yet I look away..afraid..I tip to one side
buried within my own shyness..preparing to die
your gaze brings balance to my life
look into my eyes just one more time
devine beauty before me I hear the bells chime
the cry of angels above..their sad faces a sign
tipping me over...over this narrowing red line
tears falling like raindrops beside me
hammering at my soul with the intention to maim
courage drained I cannot take this pain
the one thing I want I cant overcome the obstacles to obtain...
unspoken words I want you to hear
leaves my heart in pieces at what could possibly be
joy in my life for all to see
but I cant stand this hell I feel
growing darkness to the point of agony
this emptyness from which I cannot hide
words cannot describe the torture inside
your name floats forever in my mind
I have to release my soul from the tourment I find...
deep within your heart that I cannot posses..
It's rendering me on, it controls my life I must confess
you came like a vision shimmering in starlight...
so pure a soul walking innocently and bright
dancing this red seem so right...
This masquerade I can continue no more
echoing quietly your spirit opens the door
in the place where my love was conceived and matured I stand alone..
will...determination.....flows through me whole
motivated by've given me the strength to do...
the hardest say, "I love you".

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