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Passtime with Good Company

King Henry VIII

  Pastime with good company
  I love and shall unto I die.
  Grudge whoso will, but none deny,
  So God be pleased, this live will I.
  For my pastance
  Hunt, sing, and dance.
  My heart is set
  All godely sport
  To my comfort.
Who shall me let?
Youth will have needs daliance,
Of good or ill some pastance.
Company me thinketh then best
All thoftes and fantasies to digest.
For idleness
Is chief mistress
Of vices all.
Than who can say
But "pass the day"
Is best of all?
Company with honesty
Is virtue, and vice to flee.
Company is good or ill
But every man hath his free will.
The best ensue,
The worst eschew,
My mind shall be.
Virtue to use,
Vice to refuse,
I shall use me.

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