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Elizabeth Chase Akers Allen





Elizabeth Akers Allen was a 19th-century American poet and journalist. She was born in Maine in 1832 and grew up in a literary family. Her mother was a writer and her father was a newspaper editor.

Akers Allen started writing poetry at a young age and was first published at the age of 17. She continued to write and publish throughout her life, and her work was well received by both critics and the public.

In addition to her poetry, Akers Allen was also a journalist. She worked for several newspapers and magazines, including the Portland Transcript and the Saturday Evening Post. She also edited a literary magazine called The Rose of Sharon.

Akers Allen's poetry often dealt with themes of love, nature, and spirituality. Her most famous poem is "Rock Me to Sleep," which was published in 1860 and became a popular piece of sentimental literature. The poem speaks to the idea of finding comfort in the arms of a loved one, and its popularity helped to establish Akers Allen as a major voice in American poetry.

Throughout her life, Akers Allen was an advocate for women's rights and was involved in the women's suffrage movement. She believed that women should have equal opportunities in education and employment, and she used her writing to promote these ideas.

Elizabeth Akers Allen died in 1911, but her legacy as a poet and journalist continues to inspire readers today. Her work offers a unique perspective on life in 19th-century America and highlights the struggles and triumphs of women during that time.


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